Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – Job Seekers

Questions that are frequently asked by job seekers.
  • We designed VitaeCentral Assessments to help employers quickly find candidates with the skills they need. With it, employers can send skills tests to candidates and then see how candidates perform in relation to others that have taken the same assessment. Indeed Assessments also lets you proactively take assessments for your VitaeCentral Profile, offering you a way to showcase your skills to potential employers. 

  • Some employers have opted into including VitaeCentral Assessments in their jobs. In this case, an employer will invite the candidate to take an assessment directly. The candidate will receive an email invitation with instructions on how to complete the assessment. People looking for jobs can also proactively take assessments on their VitaeCentral Profile. This is currently only available for the Customer Service industry, but will soon be available for all industries.

  • Most VitaeCentral Assessments can be completed on a mobile device. Those that require the use of a laptop or desktop computer – such as Typing – include notices to switch devices.

  • You aren’t required to complete assessments. However, keep in mind that some employers might only be willing to consider candidates that do. Plus, completing assessments helps showcase your skills to employers and let them know you’re interested.

  • While the length of an assessment can vary, most test modules take an average of 10 min or less. For example, if an employer has opted to combine two 10-minute test modules, your assessment could take you a total of 20 minutes to complete.

  • Nope! VitaeCentral Assessments is completely free* for everyone.

  • While the content of each phone or video interview assessment will depend on the employer and the position they’re hiring for, employers typically use phone and video interviews to learn more about you and your qualifications.

  • Employers will automatically receive your results once you complete the assessment.

  • We currently don’t allow candidates to retake assessments.

  • Yes! Currently, we allow people in the Customer Service industry to take a Customer Service-oriented assessment and then add the results to their Profile and Resume. 

  • While you can’t remove assessments from your Profile, you can control whether or not an assessment is visible to potential employers. On your Profile, scroll to the Assessments section and toggle off the visibility of your Assessment result. This makes your results private and hidden from potential employers.

  • As a security precaution, we do not allow anyone (including employers) to see answers to any of our assessments.

  • Scores on assessments sent directly to you by an employer can only be seen by that employer and anyone they choose to share your scores with. If you proactively took the assessment via your VitaeCentral Profile, then you will be able to see your score on your Profile and Resume. Again, employers will only see your scores if you choose to make them public.

  • The best way to report your technical error is to use our Support Contact Form.

  • You can contact us through our Support Contact Form and we’ll do our best to answer your questions!

    *Terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply